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We are SO excited to announce our newest campaign, #AyrOnFilm!

This unique initiative gives you, our racegoers, the chance to create content for our social media and let us see racedays through your eyes.

Here’s how it works: at selected racedays, we will provide a few racegoers with a disposable camera to capture their day. Whether it’s having fun, checking out the parade ring, or simply snapping a selfie, we can’t wait to develop your raceday snaps and share them on our socials.

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If you want to take part…

If you would love to show is what your day at the races is like, get in touch


1. General
1.1. Participation in the Ayr Racecourse #AyrOnFilm Campaign implies agreement with these terms. Organized by Ayr Racecourse.

2. Participation
2.1. Open to all racegoers at Ayr Racecourse.
2.2. Participants receive one disposable camera per group.
2.3. Tickets are not included.

3. Camera Use and Return
3.1. Use provided disposable cameras to capture photos during your visit.
3.2. Return cameras to designated collection points by the end of the event day. Details provided upon distribution.

4. Photo Usage Rights
4.1. By returning the camera, you grant the Organizer rights to use photos for promotional purposes.
4.2. The Organizer can edit and use the photos without further approval or compensation.
4.3. Ensure photos do not infringe third-party rights and that consent is obtained from identifiable individuals.

5. Privacy and Data Protection
5.1. The Organizer will handle personal data per applicable laws.
5.2. Participants consent to data processing for Campaign and promotional activities.

6. Liability
6.1. The Organizer is not responsible for loss or damage to cameras or photos.
6.2. Participants assume all risks associated with camera use and participation.

7. Miscellaneous
7.1. The Organizer may amend these Terms at any time without notice.

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